In Spring 2012, we moved our operations together with some 200 dinosaurs to our new 46,000 square-foot facility along Andrews Parkway in Allen, Texas.

For nine years, we had operated out of a modest warehouse in McKinney, Texas. As our business continued to grow, so did our need for additional space. Not only did we need more space to house our growing numbers of dinosaurs, we needed space to streamline our production process and to expand our capacity to tap new business opportunities in the attractions industry.

Unlike our old warehouse, our new workshop has dedicated work areas for design and sculpting, mould-making, welding, electronics, painting, loading and unloading. However, it wasn’t long before we needed more space, yet again. Today, our 73,000-square-foot workshop is home to more than 40 staff, 300 dinosaurs and 52 giant bugs.