The Blue-Eyed Darner is a common dragonfly found in western North America and Central America. They are drawn to water bodies such as lakes, ponds, slow moving streams, canals and marshy areas.

The eyes of both males and females are bright blue. The male is dark brown or brownish black. The male's abdomen is marked with large or small blue spots. The female is marked similarly, but the base color is brown and the markings are green.

Darners mate while flying. The female will fly by the male and pick up a sperm packet off the male and use it to fertilize her eggs.

Bug Facts

  • Scientific Name: Aeshna Multicolor
  • Size: 65 to 70 mm (2.5 to 2.75 in)
  • Diet: Water bugs, larvae of mayflies and mosquito, tadpoles, small fish