The Meadow Grasshopper is a common species of grasshopper found in non-arid grasslands throughout the well-vegetated areas of Europe and some adjoining areas of Asia.

Females grow to approximately 2 cm and are larger and less active than males that grow to approximately 1.5 cm. Both sexes are flightless.

Grasshoppers are primarily herbivores. They are highly adaptable and will eat whatever plants or vegetables are available. They are particularly fond of cotton, clover, oats, wheat, corn, alfalfa, rye and barley, but will also consume grasses, weeds, shrubbery, leaves, bark, flowers and seeds.

Bug Facts

  • Scientific Name: Chorthippus parallelus
  • Size: Female 2 cm (0.78 in) Male (0.59 in)
  • Diet: plants or vegetables