Billings Productions adds new collection of 13 giant animatronic bugs.

In response to numerous requests from our regular clients, we debuted our new, larger-than-life animatronic Bugs in 2013 so that zoos and leisure parks can offer their guests an alternative exhibit that is just as fun and educational as dinosaurs.

All 13 species of our bugs, which include the Red-Tailed Bumble Bee, Devil’s Flower Mantis, Emperor Scorpion and the Mexican Red-Knee Tarantula, have been painstakingly created based on extensive research and in consultation with experts.

Beautifully detailed, our bugs are made from a combination of steel, fibreglass and skin material made from a special urethane compound that protects them against sun, rain and snow, making them perfect for clients who prefer to display the bugs in their natural environment. Like our dinosaurs, the realistic movements on our bugs are powered by a pneumatic system that enables smoother and finer movements.

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